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A Buyer's Guide for Microwaves: Making Smart Decisions with Lucky White Goods

Are you shopping for a microwave without wanting to break the bank? Secondhand models offer excellent quality at an economical price, which Lucky White Goods understands can be tricky when browsing pre-owned appliances. That is why we have prepared this comprehensive guide on secondhand microwave purchases to assist buyers in making an informed decision when making this critical purchase decision.

  1. Assess Your Needs:

Before venturing into the secondhand market, you must understand your requirements for a microwave oven. Consider factors like size, power usage, desired features, and food you typically prepare to find one that best matches your lifestyle needs.

  1. Research Brands and Models:

To make the best choice possible for yourself, get acquainted with top microwave brands and models. Look for those known for durability and dependability, and check reviews online to gain insight into how specific models have performed for other people over time.In lucky white goods we have different brand options like LG , Haier , euro , TCL , CHIQ , SAMSUNG , SIMPSON , FISHER & PAYKEL and Hisense

  1. Check for Cleanliness and Maintenance:

Once you find a microwave you like, please do your due diligence when scrutinizing it. A well-maintained unit typically means a longer lifespan; check for signs of rust, door seal damage, or excessive wear and tear before making your purchase decision. Remember that cleanliness can provide insight into the care given to it by previous owners.

  1. Test Your Microwave Before Purchasing:

It is wise to test a microwave. Make sure it heats evenly and operates smoothly; listen out for any strange noises; check buttons and functions are working correctly; listen out for any unusual sounds; listen out for any unusual sounds from it as well as listen out for any unusual noises coming from within it; listen out for any possible malfunctions and make any necessary adjustments before purchasing.

  1. Consider Age and Technology:

Older microwave models may need more efficiency and features available on newer ones, so check the manufacture date if available; typically, a model that is less than five years old makes for an excellent purchase. Also, take note of technology features, like inverter technology for even cooking or pre-programmed settings for convenience.

  1. Consider Size and Aesthetics:

Before buying, ensure the microwave fits comfortably within its designated space while blending with its aesthetic—measure where you plan to install it and compare its dimensions against those of your chosen microwave.

  1. Safety First: 

Always look out for recalls on any model you're considering and ensure there are no exposed wiring or damaged components that pose potential safety threats.

  1. Understand the Price Range:

 Knowing the cost of similar new microwaves before setting a second hand price is wise, as this will give you a baseline. Look for more than the lowest option; look for deals with the most excellent value for your dollar.

  1. Understand Seller Return Policies or Warranties:

It is essential to fully comprehend any return policy or warranty offered by sellers like Lucky White Goods for peace of mind when making secondhand purchases. Although most purchases come as-is with no specific warranty offered by them.

  1. Evaluate Your Eco Impact:

Secondhand purchases can be an eco-friendly option. By choosing secondhand microwaves, you are helping reduce waste and demand for new products while simultaneously decreasing carbon emissions and your carbon footprint.


Buying second hand microwaves can be an economical and environmentally friendly decision. By following these tips, you can find an appliance that meets all your needs without breaking the bank. At Lucky White Goods, we take great pride in offering carefully chosen secondhand microwaves that meet these criteria - visit us and discover your perfect kitchen gem while enjoying quality, sustainability, and affordability all together!

At Lucky White Goods, we aim to ensure you make an excellent purchase decision. Stay tuned to our blog for tips, tricks, and appliance advice, and don't hesitate to get in touch if any questions arise during your microwave-hunting adventure! Happy Hunting!

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