Factory Seconds Microwaves

  • Lucky White Goods is an established appliance store in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane that sells an assortment of kitchen appliances, including factory second microwave ovens.Β 
  • We will provide you with essential information about factory second microwaves available from Lucky White Goods and why purchasing one may be worthwhile.

What are Factory Second Microwave Ovens?

  • Factory second-hand microwaves can often be found at discounted costs due to minor cosmetic flaws like scratches.Β 
  • Although the appearance may differ, these microwaves remain fully functional and come with manufacturer's warranties, making this an excellent way to save money without compromising the quality.

Why would someone want to purchase a factory second oven?

  • Lucky White Goods makes factory-second microwaves attractive options for many reasons.Β 
  • Not only can you save significant dollars, but you'll be able to purchase top-quality models at discounted rates that offer significant savings over new ones.
  • Second, purchasing original microwaves from Lucky White Goods is environmentally friendly.Β 
  • By buying defective appliances, you are helping reduce consumption and the carbon footprint associated with production.
  • Factory-second microwave ovens also come with assurance from their manufacturers, providing peace of mind and additional security against unexpected appliance issues.Β 
  • If something goes wrong with it, repairs or replacement will be provided free of charge, providing extra peace of mind to protect your investment.

What features can be found in Lucky White Goods' factory's second microwave ovens?

  • Lucky White Goods provides a selection of factory second microwave ovens from top brands like Samsung, LG and Panasonic, which feature various power levels, auto defrost capabilities, and pre-set cooking settings for maximum convenience.
  • It may also include other features with some models, including inverter technology to ensure an even cooking process and defrosting and sensor cooking that adjusts both power and time settings according to food's weight and moisture content.

What are the top factory-second microwave ovens from Lucky White Goods?

  • If you're shopping at Lucky White Goods and considering purchasing a factory-seconds microwave oven, you must consider some key aspects.
  • Β First is considering your cooking needs - do you prefer something with multiple functions and features, or would more straightforward appliances be sufficient?Β 
  • Consider how you will utilise your microwave oven when deciding.
  • Once again, when choosing an appliance, it is essential to consider its dimensions. Lucky White Goods offers a selection of compact models ideal for smaller kitchens and larger appliances that can hold larger dishes.
  • Consider your budget.Β 
  • Lucky White Goods provides factory second microwave ovens at various price points so that you can find an appliance to meet both your needs and budget.


  • Are You In Need Of an Excellent Microwave Oven At an Affordable Price?Β 
  • Lucky White Goods' factory second microwaves offer excellent value at an unbeatably affordable price.Β 
  • Boasting quality components, these factory second ovens from Lucky White Goods come with warranties from their original manufacturers that make them an attractive investment while cutting back without compromising quality or size options.Β 
  • There's sure to be one available to meet your needs and budget!

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