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Best French Door Fridges in Australia for Every Price Range [ updated 2023]

You are probably very familiar with the challenge of navigating a full fridge if you have a big family or have ever hosted a dinner party. The fruit plate is blocking your path to the olive jar in the back of the refrigerator where you need it for the salad since it is sitting on top of the salmon marinating in the casserole dish.

What is a French Door fridge?

French doors are double doors that add a lot of light and space to a room when they are installed in a home. They are frequently referred to as "French doors" since they originate from the French Renaissance, a time when symmetry was popular in building.

The majority of French door refrigerators have one or two bottom freezer drawers. This is useful because the refrigerator is typically used more frequently. And more organised room is possible thanks to the larger bottom freezer drawers.

Which Fridge is Better Side by Side or French Door?

Classic refrigerator designs with freezer and refrigerator compartments placed side by side from top to bottom. French door refrigerators have a freezer drawer underneath and one continuous refrigerator room on top that is accessed by two doors.

The quantity of refrigerator and freezer space provided by each layout, as well as the design of each compartment, are additional differences. French door refrigerators offer shorter but wider rooms compared to side by side refrigerators, which have two tall but narrow sections. 

Both versions typically come with a variety of features, including higher-end finish options, outside ice and water dispensers, adjustable shelves, and door bins.

How can a French Door fridge help you and your kitchen? Let us count the ways…

  1. Wide refrigerator and freezer compartments make it simple to store items like enormous paella dishes and lengthy platters.
  2. Larger refrigerator capacity: French door refrigerators, as opposed to side-by-side models, give the refrigerator additional storage space at the expense of the freezer, allowing you to have more fresh goods on hand.
  3. Maintaining easy access to fresh ingredients will allow you to easily locate what you need whenever inspiration strikes.
  4. Interiors that can be customised: This design typically includes movable shelves and compartments to fit the goods you store the most.
  5. Ice and water dispensers outside: Both French door and side-by-side versions frequently include this feature. In some models, the freezer even has a second ice maker.
  6. Narrower refrigerator doors: If your kitchen island is French door style, you have more area to move around the island when the fridge door is open because of the narrower doors.

Our Top Picks for You..

1. Hisense 577L Black Steel

Hisense 577L French door fridge

The French Door refrigerator from Hisense is the product of cutting-edge engineering and opulent design. With a 577L capacity and 800mm broad shelves, it conveys all the sophistication you'd want in a modern kitchen today, allowing you to confidently plan family gatherings or any other social event.

With features like a sizeable multi-function LED touch control screen, in-door water dispenser that requires NO plumbing, and 3-tier freezer drawers, the French Door refrigerator focuses on use and dependability.

Key Features

  • Multi Air Flow system
  • Muti-function touch control panel
  • Double Fruit and Vegetable Crisper
  • Non-Plumbed Water Dispenser
  • Interior LED Lighting
  • Super freeze
  • Door Alarm
  • Holiday power saving function
  • Price

    $ 799.00 AUD


    2. Samsung 648L 

    Samsung 648l

    The Samsung French Door Refrigerator with 648L capacity, finished in sleek black, can meet the needs of even the largest households. Its smart door-in-door design provides easy access to the handy Beverage Centre, and a 10-year digital inverter compressor warranty ensures long-term dependability.

    The ingenious Showcase door-in-door design creates a quick-access, hygienic beverages station by allowing a continuous external appearance and locating the water dispenser inside. The Autofill Infuser Water Jug, water dispenser, and beverage storage are all conveniently located in the Beverage Centre.

    Key Features

  • Autofill Infuser Water Jug
  • Dual Ice Maker
  • Premium Flat Door Design
  • Anti- Fingerprint Finish
  • Power Cool/Power Freeze
  • Water Filter- HAF/QIN
  • Plumbed Dual Auto Ice Maker
  • Price

    $3,749.00 AUD


    3. Hisense 585L Pureflat French Door Refrigerator

    Hisense 585L Pureflat french door

    All of your food and beverages can shine on this PureFlat Eclipse refrigerator, which gives the ideal stage. It is the ultimate contemporary kitchen centrepiece with its gorgeous dark inside.

    The temperature of the My Fresh Choice section, which can be set from -18°C to +5°C in one-degree increments, may be changed simply from a fridge to a freezer or anything in between.

    Hisense refrigerators have three distinct cooling zones at three different temperatures thanks to Triple Zone Cooling technology, which reduces odour transfer while keeping your food fresher.

    You may enjoy an integrated kitchen design with this Hisense refrigerator's counter depth design. You can make room in the kitchen available thanks to its French doors.

    Key Features

  • Switch between fridge or freezer with the touch of a button
  • Customisable Temperature Zones
  • Metal Tech Cooling
  • Easy Glide Drawers
  • Pure Flat Design
  • Price

    $ 799.00 AUD


    4. Fisher and Paykel 487L French Door Fridge

    Fisher and Paykel 487L French Door Fridge

    French doors on this Fisher & Paykel refrigerator allow you to maximise space in your kitchen. 

    Its overall storage capacity is 487 litres . The Fisher & Paykel is 695mm deep, 790mm wide, and 1715mm tall. 

    It has an energy efficiency rating of 3.5 stars, a stainless steel finish, an ice and water dispenser, and adjustable SpillSafe glass shelves.

    Key Features

  • Spillsafe Shelves
  • Active Smart Food Care
  • Humidity Control
  • Sabbath Mode
  • Full Extension Freezer Drawer
  • Concealed Hinges
  • Smart Touch Control Panel
  • Gallon Bottle door shelf
  • Price

    $ 2,999.00 AUD


    5. Samsung 714L French Door Refrigerator

    Samsung 714L French Door Refrigerator

    This Samsung 714L French Door Fridge has practical features for active families and adds a touch of elegance to any ultra-modern kitchen. It has a black-layered steel finish.

    Utilize three different cooling systems to keep food fresher for longer. 

    Advanced humidity and temperature management is made possible by the Triple Cooling technology. 

    Key Features

  • Triple Cooling
  • Smart Convertible Freezer
  • Tri-Fold Shelves
  • Black Stainless Steel
  • Twist Ice Maker
  • Price

    $ 3,349.00 AUD


    Final Words..

    The question now is, which refrigerator brand and model should you choose? To answer this burning issue, you must first identify what type of refrigerator you require.

    For example, those who live in large families and require more storage space should choose larger refrigerators, such as four-door models. Two-door bottom or top mount refrigerators, on the other hand, may be sufficient for a small family.

    There are also a number of other aspects to consider, such as energy rating or consumption, humidity control, adjustable shelf, and so on. On that point, each item on our list of the finest fridges in Australia combines character, cooling, and convenience.

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