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How to Choose the Best TV for Your Home in Australia

Welcome to the ultimate guide on selecting the perfect TV for your home. In the ever-evolving world of technology, televisions have transitioned from simple "idiot boxes" to sophisticated smart devices that offer a gateway to a world of entertainment, connectivity, and information. Whether you're a movie buff, a sports fan, or someone who loves binge-watching series, choosing the suitable TV can dramatically improve your viewing experience. Let’s dive into the essentials to help you find the best TV to match your needs and space.

Understanding Different TV Display Technologies

  • LED TV: Utilizing Light Emitting Diodes, LED TVs offer bright displays and excellent contrast, making them suitable for most lighting conditions. They are energy-efficient and available in a range of sizes.
  • OLED TV: Known for their deep blacks and incredible contrast ratios, OLED TVs do not require a backlight. This technology supports individual pixel lighting, which enhances the viewing experience with sharper colors and greater depth.
  • QLED TV: Leveraging quantum dot technology, QLED TVs provide brighter visuals and a broader color spectrum compared to traditional LED TVs. They are ideal for well-lit rooms and offer great longevity.
  • Ultra HD TV: Step into the future with Ultra HD TVs, available in 4K and 8K resolutions. They provide phenomenal clarity and detail, making them perfect for viewers who crave a cinema-like experience at home.

Choosing the Right Size and Resolution

Choosing the Right Size and Resolution In TV

Selecting the right TV size and resolution is crucial for optimizing your viewing experience:

  • Size Considerations: The size of the TV should correspond to the size of the room. Our range includes compact 32-inch models, perfect for bedrooms or small apartments, to expansive 75-inch screens that transform your living room into a mini-theater.
  • Resolution Insights: For most homes, a Full HD (1080p) TV provides excellent visual quality. However, for larger screens (50 inches and above), Ultra HD (4K) resolutions offer superior detail and are increasingly becoming the standard.

Tailoring to Your Budget

At Lucky White Goods, we believe in providing value at every price point. Here’s what you can expect within different budget ranges:

  • Under $500: Discover a variety of basic models perfect for secondary TVs in the home or for budget-conscious consumers. These models offer essential features without compromising on quality.
  • $500 to $1,000: In this mid-range, expect to find larger screens with intelligent features, including internet connectivity and access to streaming services.
  • Above $1,000: Premium models not only boast larger sizes but also feature the latest advancements in TV technology, such as OLED displays, superior sound systems, and smart home integration.

Top Brands and What to Look For

top brands to look for in a TV
  • Picture and Sound Quality: Look for a TV that offers vibrant colors and clear, immersive sound.
  • Intelligent Features: Consider TVs with built-in WiFi, applications, and voice control functionalities to enhance your smart home ecosystem.
  • Durability and Warranty: Opt for brands that offer comprehensive warranties and are known for their durability.

Practical Tips for Buying Your Next TV

  • Viewing Distance: The optimal viewing distance for a TV is about 1.5 times the diagonal width of the screen. This ensures a comfortable viewing experience without straining your eyes.
  • Connectivity Options: Ensure your TV has enough HDMI and USB ports to accommodate all your devices, such as soundbars, gaming consoles, and Blu-ray players.
  • Energy Efficiency: Look for energy-efficient models to reduce your electricity bill and contribute to environmental conservation.


Selecting a suitable TV involves balancing various factors, including display type, size, resolution, budget, and the specific features that cater to your lifestyle. Visit Lucky White Goods in-store or online to find the perfect TV that will transform how you enjoy entertainment at home.

Remember, the best TV is one that fits your space, meets your budget, and exceeds your expectations in performance and quality. Happy viewing!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is better, an LG OLED TV or a Samsung QLED TV? 
LG OLED TVs offer superior contrast and true blacks, making them ideal for cinema enthusiasts. Samsung QLED TVs provide brighter displays and vibrant colors, which are excellent for well-lit rooms and diverse content viewing.

Is it worth it to pay more for an OLED or QLED TV?  
Paying more for an OLED or QLED TV is worthwhile for the enhanced picture quality, deeper blacks, and vibrant colors, significantly improving your viewing experience.

What is the cheapest smart TV? 
The cheapest smart TVs are often from brands like TCL or Hisense, offering decent features and connectivity at a low cost, which is ideal for budget-conscious consumers.

What is the best 55-inch TV? 
The best 55-inch TV typically combines excellent picture quality, intelligent features, and value. Popular models from LG, Sony, and Samsung are highly recommended for their reliability and performance.

Is a 65-inch TV too big? 
A 65-inch TV is manageable if you have enough space and sit at an appropriate distance, ideally around 8 feet away, to enhance the immersive viewing experience and provide cinematic pleasure.

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