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Collection: Chiq Factory Seconds & Refurbished Home Appliances

At Lucky White Goods in Australia, discover the allure of Chiq Factory Seconds and Refurbished Home Appliances, presenting unmatched value and performance. Dive into our extensive range of Chiq appliances, from the sleek Chiq black fridge to the nostalgic Chiq retro fridge that adds a touch of vintage to your kitchen. Whether you're seeking the space-saving Chiq mini fridge or the expansive storage of the Chiq bottom mount fridge or Chiq top mount fridge, our selection has it all. Beyond Chiq fridges, our catalogue showcases the immersive Chiq television range, ensuring that Chiq TVs provide top-notch entertainment for every household. Rememberreliable Chiq front load washing machine for all your laundry needs. With the Chiq brand, every product, whether a Chiq refrigerator or a Chiq fridge retro style, promises quality and durability. Shop with us and experience why the fridge's chic designs, like the striking, chic red fridge, have become household favourites.