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LG Treasures: Premium Secondhand and Factory Second Finds at Lucky White Goods


Welcome to Lucky White Goods, your best source for secondhand and Factory secondhand LG items, where superior performance exceeds the price. Our carefully curated "LG Treasures" collection brings an array of household appliances that are designed to fulfil the demands of your home at a reasonable price.

Unveiling the Charm of LG Washing Machines:

Explore our wide collection of LG washing machines that range from high-efficiency front loaders to top loaders that are convenient. They're not just machines; they're your companions in making washing a breeze. They're equipped with modern features such as intelligent connections for remote control and environmentally friendly systems that help conserve water and energy efficiency.

Fresh Solutions with LG Fridges:

LG refrigerators are distinguished by their long-lasting durability and innovative cooling techniques. You can choose a huge French-door refrigerator or one with a single door. You can count on features like multi-air flow systems, as well as intelligent diagnostics, to help keep your grocery items at their best for a longer period.

Streamlined Laundry by using LG Washers and Dryers:

The range comprises LG washers and dryers that are ideal for anyone looking to maximise efficacy without having to sacrifice space. The units feature cutting-edge technologies, including steam functions, as well as gentle cleaning programs that ensure that your clothing is cleaner, less wrinkled and in good condition with minimum effort.

Culinary Excellence using LG Kitchen Appliances:

Improve your kitchen's appearance with LG Cabinet ovens \as well as microwave ovens designed specifically for modern chefs. From bakers to fast meal lovers, these ovens provide a variety of cooking options that include convection as well as grilling to ensure perfectly cooked meals each time.

The Advantage of Factory Seconds:

Apart from our secondhand selection, Lucky White Goods proudly offers factory secondhand products, a range of LG products with the same quality and high-end features you'd expect, but at cheaper costs. Factory second items include products which may be display models, may have imperfections in their appearance or minor repairs that do not impact their functional integrity.

Why Choose Factory Seconds?

Amazing Value: Factory Second can be purchased at a lower cost than brand-new products, offering amazing savings on high-end appliances.

Quality Assurance: Every manufactured second item goes through rigorous tests and quality assurance to ensure that it is fully functional, secure, and has peace of mind, as well as great quality and value.

Environmentally friendly: choice of buying the Factory's second option helps reduce the amount of waste generated and encourages a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. It does this in that it gives new existence to perfectly functional appliances

Warranty Support: Most used appliances from the Factory come with the manufacturer's warranty. This ensures that you are covered for your purchase.


Here at Lucky White Goods, we have a strong belief in providing value while maintaining high-end quality. The "LG Treasures" collection, which is enriched by secondhand and factories' secondhand options, illustrates the commitment. Each appliance we sell is thoroughly tested and confirmed in accordance with our highest quality standards. This ensures you receive quality, reliable products for less than the price.

Explore our vast selection of appliances that are tailored to meet your requirements and budget. Find out why thousands of delighted customers have relied on Lucky White Goods for their appliances, and find not only products but real gems that enrich their lives and homes.

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