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Best Collection of Factory Seconds, Second-hand and Refurbished Fridge Freezers in Australia

Looking for the best factory seconds fridge freezer in Australia that fits your budget and style and passes rigorous quality checks? Lucky White Goods has you covered. With a vast selection, whether it’s large family fridges, compact freezers, factory seconds, or mint condition second-hand models, we ensure top-notch quality at unbeatable prices. Explore our diverse range today and find the perfect appliance that fits your needs and budget.

Our Extensive Range of Refrigerators

Factory Seconds Fridges

Save big with our factory seconds fridges from top brands like Samsung, LG, Fisher, and Paykel. These units might have minor cosmetic imperfections but deliver the same high performance and reliability.

Second-Hand and Refurbished Fridges

Choose from an array of second-hand and refurbished fridges that have been meticulously inspected and restored to ensure they meet your expectations for quality and functionality.

Specialty Fridges

Whether you need a chic black fridge to complement your modern kitchen or a CHiQ bottom-mount fridge for efficiency and style, we have something to cater to every aesthetic and functional need.

Choose a Fridge for Your Unique Needs

French Door Fridges

They are perfect for large families needing abundant space. They offer easy access to both the fridge and freezer compartments. Watch for our French-door fridges among the factory seconds for an unbeatable deal!

Top-mount and Side-by-Side Fridges

These fridges have efficiently organized spaces and traditional top-mount designs, ideal for those with classic tastes. Our factory second bar fridges and upright freezers are the ideal fit for tight spaces.

Why Opt for Factory Seconds or Second-Hand?

Choosing a factory second fridge or a second-hand fridge doesn’t just save you money—it’s an eco-friendly choice that reduces waste. Our factory seconds fridges in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and Perth, WA, offer unbeatable value with minor cosmetic blemishes but outstanding performance.

Unique Features and Lesser-Known Facts

Energy Efficiency

Did you know upgrading to a 5-star energy-rated fridge in Australia can significantly cut your energy bills? We stock some of the highest-energy-rated fridges, helping you save money and protect the environment.

Specialized Storage

Are you looking for something unique, such as a chest fridge freezer, upright fridge freezer, hybrid fridge freezer, large side-by-side fridge freezer, or small fridge freezer in Australia? Our diverse inventory includes specialized options that most retailers don’t offer.

Featured Categories and Best Deals

All Design and Features

Discover the best French-door fridges Australia has to offer, along with our top picks for the best double-door fridge, second-hand display fridge, or four-door fridge for sale. We combine spacious interiors with stylish designs, from top-mount fridges to bottom-mount fridges.

Commercial and Bar Options

From chic bar fridges online to our second-hand wine fridge selections, our products add functionality to your commercial space without overspending.

Smart Buys for Every Home

Whether you're looking for a cheap fridge freezer near you or the best deals on fridges, we’ve got you covered. Explore our best affordable fridges for sale and snag a brand-new fridge at a fraction of the cost.

Shopping Made Easy at Lucky White Goods

Lucky White Goods isn’t just another appliance retailer. We are your partners in finding the perfect refrigeration solution. With services like same-day fridge delivery and easy access to factory seconds and second-hand fridges near you, we make purchasing simple and satisfactory.

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Whether you’re in the market for an enormous fridge freezer in Australia or a simple fridge under $500, our extensive range, exceptional customer service, and fridge-buying guide will ensure you find exactly what you need. Browse our collection online at Lucky White Goods or stop by our store for a personalized shopping experience.