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Find Best Deals on Factory Seconds and Second Hand Washing Machine in Australia

Looking for a great deal on a washing machine that won’t break the bank? Look no further! Our factory seconds and second-hand washing machines in Australia offer fantastic value for money. These appliances, perfect for budget-conscious shoppers, deliver reliable performance at a fraction of the usual cost. Each machine is meticulously inspected and tested to ensure it meets our high quality and functionality standards. We carry many trusted brands and models, all backed by excellent customer service and support. Save big and enjoy top-notch laundry solutions with our factory seconds and second-hand washing machines.

Factory Seconds Washing Machines

Our factory seconds washing machines are available at unbeatable prices across major Australian cities. Whether in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Gold Coast, or Perth, we’ve covered you with top-quality units at significantly reduced prices. These discounts are due to minor cosmetic imperfections—small scratches or dents—but the performance is not compromised. Don’t miss out on these deals!

Second-Hand Washing Machines

Discover our network of trusted second-hand and factory seconds washer and dryer stores near you. Offering thoroughly tested and refurbished units from popular brands like Bosch and LG, we ensure you get reliable performance without breaking the bank. Each machine undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee its functionality and durability.

Exclusive Features and Uncommon Insights

Energy Efficiency

Our range includes some of Australia’s most energy-efficient washing machines. These appliances save you money and help reduce your carbon footprint—a win-win for your wallet and the environment!

Specialized Cycles

Did you know that heavy-duty washing machines aren’t just for bulky items? They can also handle delicate fabrics with ease. Brands like Inalto and CHiQ offer specialized settings that protect your clothes while providing a thorough clean.

Innovative Technology

Models featuring heat pump technology, like our heat pump clothes dryers, offer one of the most cost-effective and gentle ways to dry your clothes. This technology uses refrigerated, dry air instead of heat, significantly reducing energy consumption.

Our Collection Highlights

Front Load Perfection

Check out our selection of the best front-loader washing machines from brands like LG, Samsung, Fisher & Paykel, Haier, and Hisense. These models offer efficiency and superior cleaning power, ranging from 6kg to 10kg capacities.

Top Load Classics

Our top-load washing machines combine reliability with ease of use for those who prefer traditional designs. These models are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a straightforward, effective laundry solution.

Compact Solutions

Living in a smaller home or apartment? No problem. Our range of compact washing machines is perfect for limited spaces, offering powerful cleaning in a smaller package.

Luxurious Combos

Our washer-dryer combos are ideal for modern homes, offering seamless design and performance. These all-in-one units save space and simplify your laundry routine.

Budget-Friendly Finds

Worried about the cost? We’ve got you covered with our affordable washing machines and dryers. Get the most out of every dollar spent without compromising quality or performance.

Smart Shopping with Lucky White Goods

At Lucky White Goods, we’re committed to transparent pricing and sustainable practices. Our Price Match Guarantee ensures you get the best deal possible. Whether buying a high-end washer-dryer combo or a budget-friendly model, you can trust that you’re getting tremendous value. Our washing machine buying guide helps you make an informed decision, ensuring you find the perfect appliance for your needs.

Visit our washing machine shop near you or explore our factory-seconds and second-hand washing machine collection online at Lucky White Goods. From twin-tub washing machines to the latest washing technology, we have everything you need in one convenient place. With our unbeatable deals on factory-seconds, you can save money, reduce waste, and enjoy top-notch performance.