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Factory Seconds and Refurbished Hisense Appliances

Buy Certified Second Hand and Factory Second Hisense Appliances in Australia

Welcome to the diverse world of Hisense home appliances, where innovation meets functionality to transform your home experience. Lucky White Goods is proud to present a diverse collection of factory seconds and second-hand Hisense appliances that promise quality and affordability. Our curated selection of Hisense products—from the essential Hisense fridge to the high-tech Hisense washing machine—ensures you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and space.


Starting with the heart of many homes, the kitchen, Hisense offers a variety of refrigeration solutions.

Hisense French Door Fridge: Combines elegant design with spacious storage.

Hisense Side by Side Fridge: Offers ample space with easy organization.

Hisense Double Door Fridge: Features stylish aesthetics with enhanced cooling.

Hisense Bottom Mount Fridge: Convenient access with a modern look.

Hisense Top Mount Fridge: Classic design with efficient performance.

Hisense Bar Fridge and Mini Fridge: Perfect for smaller spaces or additional cooling.

Hisense Wine Fridge: Preserves your wine at optimal temperatures.

Hisense Black Fridge: Adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen.


For those looking to maximize freshness and storage, the Hisense fridge freezer models

Hisense Freezer Range: This range includes the Hisense Upright Freezer, Hisense Chest Freezer, and Hisense Deep Freezer, ensuring long-term storage solutions.

Washers and Dryers:

Hisense washing machines help you tackle your laundry with ease. They are known for their efficiency and advanced washing technologies.

Hisense Washing Machine: It offers models like the Hisense Front-Loading and Top-Loading Washing Machines, the Hisense Series 9 Washing Machine, and the Hisense 10kg Washing Machine, which are Ideal for large households. The Hisense 8kg and 7.5kg Washing Machines are Perfect for everyday laundry needs.

Hisense Washer Dryer Combo: This combo Features models such as the Hisense 8kg Heat Pump Dryer and the Hisense 9kg Heat Pump Dryer. It combines washing and drying in one convenient unit.

Hisense Washing Machine Review: Consistently positive, highlighting reliability and efficiency.

Hisense Dishwashers:

Hisense Dishwasher and Hisense 60cm Freestanding Dishwasher: Reliable cleaning power. Hisense Dishwasher Review Praised for efficiency and operational ease.

Why Choose Hisense?

Visit Lucky White Goods to explore our full range of Hisense appliances. Each product promises to deliver quality, durability, and style to your home. Whether upgrading your kitchen or enhancing your laundry room, Hisense provides innovative solutions to meet your needs.